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INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY CELEBRATION ( From 21st June to 27 th June  2018) "Expansion is Life, Contraction is deat h" says Swami Vivekananda.  It is an expansion of our yoga activities that marked our year’s International Yoga Day. This year we could take yoga to every nook and corner of Kodungallur and bring its multifarious benefits to the grasp of common man and woman and urge them to take it up as their daily routine. As our honorable Prime Minister reiterates it would be a journey from illness to wellness. By expanding our yoga activities we are also paying our homage to the founder of Vivekananda Kendra, Mananeeya Eknathji whose vision way back in 1972, had made yoga the core of Vivekananda Kendra. As in the last 3 years, this year also Vivekananda Kendra decided to have a yoga Saptaha to do full justice to the ideals of our great teachers. Our activities extended from 21 st to 27 th June. On the 21 st morning there was a mass yoga practice at A


Vishwabhanu April'18 - May'18
                                JYOTiSH SHASTRA                         PRABHASANA PARAMPARA                                                               – By Acharya Sethumadhavanji The credit of opening up human minds to the magnificence and immense potentialities hidden in the cosmos, goes to Indian Seers  It is they who through their extraordinarily deep meditations brought out the mystery behind the unimaginably immense cosmos with its infinite astral  bodies and cosmic phenomena which influence humans. Before the Western philosophers and scientists woke up to the reality of the immensity of the  Universe, our Indian Rishis were far ahead with their knowledge about the physical nature of the celestial bodies, Mother earth, including the baffling relationship that exists between human and the cosmic bodies. We had been planning for a long time to invite a truly scientifically minded scholar to explain the wonderful Shastra of Astronomy with its essential ingredient of