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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


17th July marked the beginning of 

Ramayana month, “Karkatakam”. 

This month is totally dedicated to 

parayanam of the Adhyatma 

Ramayana of Ezhuthacchan.One of 

our project activities is to popularize this habit 

of parayanam or reading through house visits. 

Su Bindu, one of the inmates of Anandadham 

has been meticulously carrying on the 

programme for about 10 years.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, a few programmes were held at Anandadham and outside also.
     Early morning there was Ganapathi Homam and Sri Chakra puja by Sri Shivan Thanthrikal and his assistant.

    At 6 a.m to 6.30 a.m  there was the regular Yoga varga class.60 participants attended. After  the chanting of Guru Stotram,Ma. Didi while speaking  to the participants,stressed on the importance of this day. That on this auspicious day one should remember their first Guru -one's  biological Mother who is the greatest Karmayogi, then all those who have shown them the path to knowledge must be revered. She mentioned about Vyasa Maharshi the 'Vishaala buddhe' who enlightened the whole universe with his vast knowledge and who was born on this day.She also mentioned about Maharshi Patanjali who stressed on 'pranava' or 'Omkara' as the symbol of Ishwara.Pushparchana in front of the Omkara was performed by all the participants one by one while the 'Guru Paduka Stotram was being chanted. Programme concluded with Shanti Mantra and then prasada sponsored by one of the yogavarga members Sri Radhakrishnanji.

    At 10.30 a.m Sandeepani Sishuvihar students, Nivedita Tailoring class students, YCC and YIC students and new participants willing to enroll themselves for the Yoga course, celebrated Gurupurnima Utsavam. Chanting of Guru Strotram in the lead and follow way, Didi's speech on significance of this day and pushparchana were the main items of the programme.It was mesmerising to listen to Ma.Lakshmi Didi who had to pass on he message of Gurupurnima toa mixed crowd consisting of tiny tots from 3 years onwards to the young , middle aged students and old people -the grand mothers and fathers of the tiny tots. She could amazingly engage the tiny tots to the elders with her enlightening message, enjoyed and grasped by all age groups.
7 tailoring students who got through their practical exams, received the pass certificates from Didi's hands.Also 4 of them out of the 7 received sewing machines.A total of 55 people including the tiny tots were present. 
     Evening at 3 p.m the Bhagavad Gita class group of 12 ladies of Methala area, celebrated Gurupurnima in their own way. Apart from chanting of Guru Stotram, Sri Sudhakarji spoke to them on the significance of the day. Pushparchana followed by Shanti mantra, concluded the one hour programme.
     Smt Suja's (Saha Yoga varga Pramukh)  students from Kara, Edavilangu and Valsalyam around 42 of them , celebrated Gurupurnima at Kara Hall.Here too the  chanting of Guru Stotram,followed by a talk by Sri Sudhakarji.Importance of a Guru and significance of Gurupurnima was explained. The participants had brought from their homes , homemade delicacies which was served as prasadam after the Shanti mantra.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


     On the occasion of 44th Annual convention of Balagokulam Kerala, they decided to felicitate 9 jewels of Thrissur who have contributed to Sanatana Dharma. The function was organised at Paramekkavu Vidyamandir, Thrissur on 13th July, 2019. 

    Dr P.R Krishna Kumar,the Chancellor of the Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore, inaugurated the programme.

  Sri Harindran Master, introduced the Acharyas in his unique style highlighting the contribution they made in spreading the traditional knowledge.
    The  nine jewels are Sarvasree P.Chitran Namboodiripad, Kalamandalam Gopi Ashan, Peruvanam Kuttan Marar, Dr.M Lakshmi Kumari, Kanipayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad, Madambu Kunjukuttan and Advocate K.K Nair. Sri Ramachandran and Sri Kalyanaraman could not attend the programme.
   Responding to the felicitation Sri Peruvanam Kuttan Marar thanked the organisers on behalf of all the facilitators.     

Friday, July 5, 2019


Today we were pleased to have Sri Kaithapram Vasudevan Namboothiri Master as unexpected guest. Master was in Kodungallur attending a programme and paid a visit to Kendra to meet Ma. Lakshmi Didi. When we requested, he was very happy to be with us and take a class. Master was so unique, handling a difficult subject like Yoga sutra, he won the hearts of everyone present with his simple and lucid explanation..

In his talks he beautifully explained the meaning of Prayers and Patanjali and a tip to keep the mind at ease

A serene and peaceful mind (citta-prasadanam) is cultivated (bhavanatah) by being friendly (maitri) towards happy people (sukha), compassionate (karuna) towards those who are suffering (duhkha), delighted (mudita) with those who are virtuous (punya) and disengaged or undisturbed (upeksa) by those who are doing harm (apunya).

Since relationships are such a huge part of our daily living and also have the potential to bring so much joy, Patanjali suggests that we practice our Yoga throughout our day while we relate to others. He summarizes people’s actions into 4 different categories and tells us that we have 4 great ways to (re)act to those to cultivate more calmness, more peace, more clarity.

He also explained the Meaning of prayer of Patanjali:

Yogena cittasya

– ”who by the yoga of mind”
Yogena ”by yoga”, Chittasya ”of mind/consciousness”

Padena vacam
– ”by the grammer of sanskrit purifies speech”
Padena ”grammer”, Vacam ”speech” – also understanding ”vak-tapasya” the power of speech

Malam sarirasya’ca vaidyakena

– ”and by ayurveda (removes) impurities of the body”
Malam ”impurity”, Sharirasya ”body” (Shariyam=body), ca ”and”, vaidyakena ”by ayurveda”

Yopa karottam pravaram muninam

– ”the best sages of all he who removed that”
Yo(ha)apakarot ”he who removed”, Tam ”that”, Pravaram ”the best”, Muninam ”Sages of all”

Patanjalim pranjaliranato’smi

– ”to that Patanjali I bow with my hands in prayerPatanjalim ”to that Patanjali”, Pranjaha ”with folded hands”, Ranatos mi ”I bow” (asmi: I).

and explained the biographical account of Patanjali Rishi

Thursday, July 4, 2019


This year too we decided to conduct the yoga teachers training based on YIC and YCC syllabus enabling the students to prepare themselves for the both the courses.

Accordingly the news was shared with the aspiring students. As planned all the students assembled on the auspicious day of Swamijis samadhi day. They were brief about the course content and the methodology of learning etc. After the  introduction of students and the faculty, Ma Lakshmi didi gave a brief introduction of Swamijis life and the importance why this day was chosen for the session. In all 12 students took part in the deliberations. The programme concluded with a prayer. The regular classes will be held on every Saturday and Sunday from July 20th onwards after a formal inauguration on Guru Poornima which falls on 16th July.