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Tuesday, October 8, 2019


 Navratri started from 29th September. On the 7th day was Saptami. This day all the students place their books in front of Mother Saraswati in the evening,to receive her blessings.They are to collect the books on the 10th day or Vijaya Dashami after writing the name of Ganapati on uncooked rice placed on brass plates in front of the Devi.
Literally the small children are very happy during these 3 days since there is no one to force them to study . They are not supposed to read or write.
The children out here in and around Anandadham campus, from toddlers to teenagers , all come with their mothers and other relatives during these 3 days and sing bhajans in front of the bommakolu every evening for an hour. They leave after taking the prasad offered before Devi.This year too there was a good crowd especially on Mahanavami day.55 students had kept their books for blessings of Devi.
On 8th,Vijaya Dashami day, all the children came in the morning to take back their books .Many toddlers had their Vidyarambham from Ma.Didi's hands.Other small children including LKG and UKG tots sat on the laps of  Ma.Didi and Sri Sudhakarji to write the name of Ganapathi, on rice before taking their books back.
Everyone of them received prasadam. Around 100 people including the children and elders attended

Saturday, October 5, 2019


" God make my life A little light,
  Within the world to glow,
   A little lamp that burneth bright
   Wherever I may go"

That was what our Little Acchu was born for.Acchu was brought to  Anandadham when he was  hardly a month old. Since then he had become a part of the Kendra family, sharing and caring, affectionate and playful. His presence gave everyone so much joy.His pranks would keep all happy and joyful. Entertaining visitors was    his duty, he felt.
 His love for balls and craziness for balloons was unimaginable. Evenings were for playing with ball. By turns each of the visitors would carry a ballon for him and he would go crazy with joy after he got the balloon not allowing anybody to touch it.

To save the lives of all in Aanandham, Achus chose to risk his . On that fateful night of 5th January, Achu got bitten by a Viper while trying to kill it. He fought a lot till the last but the venom had spread and within 12 hours he breathed his last.

Shraddhanjali to our beloved Acchu. May he get Mukti !!

Examining a hot cup of coffee

Acchu loved listening to flute
Playing with the G.S of Kendra-no fear!
Helping the inmates in watering the plants

Evenings- playtime with ball

Ball and Acchu

Balloons were his favorite
Acchu loved company

Glued to his new ball
Along with this years YCC/YIC batch