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Wednesday, December 30, 2020



30th December, was Purnima  and Thiruvathira ( birthday of Lord Shiva)day. As a regular activity, on every purnima day an online  bhajan Sandhya is conducted alternately by Thiruvananthapuram branch and VK Vedic Vision Foundation project centres. 

On 30th December it was the turn of VKVVF . 29 families watched  the programme online. 

The schedule was as follows: Overall anchoring was by Smt Mridula chechi.

Blessings by                    Ma. Lakshmi Didi

 Stavan                            Su.Sutapa Didi

 Guru Sloka                     Smt Sajitha

 Guru Bhajan                  Kum. Kokila

 Shiva ...                          Kum Athira

 Devi ...                           Smt Remya

 Rama ...                        Kum.Malavika

 Krishna...                     Sri Vaishnav

 Ayyappa                       Su. Priya Didi & Grp. 

Nirvanashatakam           Su. Kalyani Didi

Meditation                     Su. Radha Didi

 Kendra Prarthana         Smt Suja

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Arogyam -December

On 13th December, Sunday, 'AROGYAM',an online  , one hour yogasana programme , to be conducted for three consecutive months on Sunday evenings,was innaugurated .A new effort to make Kodungallur 'COVID' free or to help out the local people from the fear of the pandemic. Programme started at 4p.m.  Ma. Lakshmi Didi inaugurated. 86 people attended out of a total of 250 people approached . One to one Samparka by each of our Yoga Varga members through notice distribution and personal consultation was made .              Simple breathing exercises                                                                              which would increase lung capacity and also the immune power, were introduced  by Sri Sudhakarji who conducted the    programme. This step taken by VK   Vedic Vision Foundation was highly appreciated by   those who attended.
        Second class was on 20th December, Sunday at the same time in the  evening. Nearly 50 families were  present for the second days class.
  On the 27th December the 3rd weekly online class was conducted . Introduction to sitting special breathing exercises and pranayama were taught during the session. Practice was always followed by question answer session.

GITA JAYANTI 27.12.2020

 This years Gita Jayanti Celebration at VKVVF Kodungallur  was conducted online on Sunday,27th December . 

Previous to the that a State level  online Gita Chanting competition for students from classes I to VI was held.Students from 12 different school from all over Kerala participated . The 12th chapter was chosen for the chanting competition.More than 100 students registered. 80 students sent their video links. 

Programme started with invocation by Master Ananthakrishnan of class III from Sri Sai Vidya Bhavan  Kodungallur, and our ex- Sishuvihar student who chanted the Dhyana sloka of Bhagavad Gita

Sri Sashi Master, whole timer karyakarta and Saha Sikshana pramukh  of Sanskrit Bharati's branch Sankrit Pratisthan at Kodungallur, was the Chief Guest.In his address to the students who participated in the online programme, Master explained to them through small examples as to how Gita encourages one to face the difficilties in life.

In her benedictory address Ma. Lakshmi Didi who was also graced  the occasion, said that Bhagavad Gita teaches the lessons of cooperation and self development.

52 students with their family members participated in the programme. The prizes were announced at the end of the programme. Kum. Akshara  S of Cl II of Amrita Vidyalayam, Manantavady-Wayanad secured the first position in catgory I(Cl I to Cl II). Kum.Diya Sumesh of Class IV of Amrita Vidyalayam , Edapally,Kochi secured first position in the second category ( Cl III to V)  and Kum. Rithupoorna Shenoi of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavn -Kodungallur and Kum. Meenakshi S.Varma of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Girinagar, Ernakulam together secured the first position in category III (Cl VI). 

A special prize was announced for Kum Rituvarna a budding lawyer who was the lone participant in the adult group who were to chant any 5 slokas of the Gita and explain the meaning. 

 The vote of thanks was given by Sushree Bindu teacher and programme ended with shanti mantra.

All the 80 participants will be receiving E-certificates and the prizes will be directly sent to the nearby schools  and to the others who are far off  by speedpost.

Saturday, December 26, 2020



Dr Priya Vaidyan , a professor in Philosophy in Mumbai University and dedicated to Swami Vivekananda was the speaker for the weekly swadhyaya on meditation on Swamiji. She expressed that in her attempts to explore some dimensions of Swami Vivekananda's thoughts of Karma Yoga, she started  with 5 questions along with answers too -  new dimensions with special relevance to modern age. 
1.what does helping others imply? 
Swamiji has tried to analyse this by focusing on all aspects of helping other including spiritual.Physical help is good but doesnot give , most imp is spiritual help .empowering through spiritual focus is to elavate them..  what is it to be spiritual?
One has to be spiritually empowered to help others .For doing that one has to find time to travel within that is awareness.One has to keep a log book to keep track of what happens when one travels within.Then one can develop clarity and becomes conflictless. In this world of technology one has to empower oneself , evolve oneself to empower others.
2. How to work but not be attached to work?
The answer  to the quest was that one should keep working  and the reward will be enriching.To forget what or who we are for some moments would help us to be unattached to work.Whenever one does that it reaches one towards excellence.
3. How can we work like a master  and not as a slave.
The answer to she found was that we should work with lot of love without expectation for the given work, giving one's beat, like a master is to be a giver, sharing of good thoughts and developing gratitude for others who have contributed towards our elevation.This will make one happy and energetic without worry and anxiety.
If one is to be a master what one can give? It is giving some sharing good thoughts, giving some body hopes, a new perspective towards life. Many people have contributed for our growth hence if any body approached one , one should be grateful to God .
4.Can we help anyone without asking questions?
One has to prepare oneself for this fact. So one has to strive towards selflessness. One should not expect gratitude for helping others and be thankful to the people who have .The speaker also shared experiences from her life.
5.what is the requirement of spreading Swami Vivekananda's thoughts?
It is because Swamiji tried to give a direction to all of us for developing a prosperous India.The speaker has carried on many experiments in all places of life in taking Swamiji's thoughts everywhere

Saturday, December 19, 2020


In the month of December only two classes were conducted by Swami Veerabhadranandaji. The two classes were on the subject 
Character of a man reflects the character of the Nation.Swami Vivekananda was one such a person.
The topic of the two classes was 'Swamiji's response to Woman'
He referred to Swamiji's armour being the gift from his Guru Sri Ramakrishna to see the mother in every women.
Another cause of Swamiji's attitude towards women is how his mother Bhuvaneshwari Devi had trained Swamji as to how to treat the women.

 One has to raise oneself up to the spiritual , aesthetic , ethical, moral aspect of one's personality  which can have higher and sublime By yields in one's life just like Swami Vivekananda, and which is the typical characteristic of  Indian culture .  
In the second session Swamiji made it clear how Isha bhakti and Desha bhakti or bifurcation of God and motherland was made one single unified force  by the concept  of Bhakti taught by Swami Vivekananda. When this two bhaktis get unified as was syncronised by Swamiji it turned into a patriotic urge , a practical Bhakti. Hence our motherland becomes God and her citizens the manifestations and naturally the theory of oneness with all automatically develops in one. This  idea of Swamiji was  taken up by all the freedom fighters. Even women of India had tremendous contribution to our National development. Swami Veerabhadranandaji  mentioned many incidents of most unusual sacrificing mothers of India  eg. that of Tamilnadu of Changorkan ( red eyed) Chola King  whose mother consciously  embraced death  to beget a son who would glorify the mother's name and  heredity. Swami Vivekananda's mother too performed penance before his birth. Thus Swamiji wanted that  every women be  approached as 'Tarini' or 'Yogini' or looking upon women with reverence rather than looking at her as a comodity or 'Mohini'.

Thursday, December 10, 2020



10th DECEMBER ’20: Every year Paravur Peruvaram Mahadeva temple conducts spiritual discourse in the mandala season. This year on 10th December at 7 p.m. in an online meet,  Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi gave a talk on Swami Vivekananda’s message. Didi especially stressed on the fact that each work one does helps to raise one’s physical, mental and spiritual levels to higher plains and at the same time helps to develop the society.45 people attended .