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Research & Publications:

The Foundation would institute facilities for research and dissemination of Vedic knowledge, so that the essence of Vedanta could be studied in depth, debated upon and worked out as practical principles in day to day life.The one and only enquiry which can benefit the whole of humanity has already been carried out by our super scientists, the rishis, and the result is the evolution of a super fine technology capable of transferring the awareness of Oneness of Eternal Truth into life principles, that can take man onward on the path of evolution. Swamiji says “all science is a search for oneness of Truth” and India had been a pioneer invalidating this truth.The Foundation’s major area of research is therefore centred on fine tuning the efforts as to how fractured and embittered human minds can be made Whole by generating in them right thoughts, words, and actions including faith in the Cosmic Almighty. Presently the emphasis is therefore more on creating life models which would help man

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah

Creating confidence in the minds of people in the all pervading cosmic principle of dharma, i.e if one surrenders to the cosmic love and has the welfare of whole universe in his mind the very elements of universe would help and protect him/her at every step. Activities are planned to enhance the conceptual awareness of the totality of life and one’s inalienable part in it and thus emphasize the need to be good and do good Spiritual Counseling to improve the inter human relationships within homes and communities thus restoring the unity and harmony.

Satyam Vada and Dharmam Chara

1. Preservation of Vedas and Vedic traditions through study and practice 2. Study of Sanskrit to help understand the scriptures like Upanishads, Gita, Puranas, etc. a. Educational programmes to implant the value of Truth in young minds b. Sandeepani Sishuvihar, where little children receive doses of satya, Dharma and Yajna through the all powerful medium of love, care and triaining. c. Sandeepani gurukulam where discipline. study and positive interactions transform the ideals into life principles.

Satyameva Jayate (Truth In Action)

Vedic Vision can be resolved into Satya, Dharma and Yajna and all activities are geared to enshrine these ideals in human life.

To Uphold The Value of Yajna – Sacrifice

The cosmic implications of yajna in real life are totally lost among people and there is great need to restore it for glorifying our lives.. Satya and dharma get integrated into karma or action through Yajna so that all karma’s bondages are removed. This elevates karma to the level of knowledge and Self realisation. Yajna opens up human minds to the immense blessings inherent in the simple acts of renunciation and service. Yajna has three windows through which humans can tune up to Truth in daily life. Deva Puja : Regular observance of Panchmaha yajnas, temple worship, variety of other individual and community rituals like homas, pujas, matrupooja etc when carried out with the awareness of the Truth both within and without. Sangateekarana : The unity and integrity of an organization or home can be maintained by cultivating uniform ideals and thoughts through harmonious words and deeds as emphasized by the vedic injunctions (sangachadwam, samvadadwam, etc). For this daily

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Family welfare is the foundation of individual and social well being through natural expansion of human mind and intellect which in turn helps to conceive of the whole universe as one family – vasudhaiva kutumbakam – to bring harmony and peace in the society. · Satsanghs, propagation of the ideals through talks and appropriate religious literature · Sharing with the community the joy of festivals through distributing food and other necessary materials · Providing educational support for the poor and the needy. · Free Ayurvedic consultation, counseling and treatment

Reinforcement Of The Awareness Of Truth In Human Life

Thousands of years ago, the super scientists of India, the Rishis, were engaged in the difficult task of uncovering the Ultimate Reality, Satya, beyond the ever changing phenomena experienced through our senses. Negating the world of impermanent plurality they delved into the core of their inner being and realised the Ultimate Truth as the Self within. There also dawned the realisation that Truth is One, in which everything in the universe remains interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. This is the greatest discovery ever made by man. This Truth of Self-realisation and its Oneness is the best of blessings that the rishis have bestowed on humanity. For us in India, this discovery ushered in the dawn of enlightenment and introduced us to the immaculate concept of Life Eternal. Since then this Ganga of adwaitic vision has been cascading over our country without a break enriching every field of human activity creating a rich, multifaceted, unique and spiritually oriented civilizat

Yoga – Ascent to Fullness

Ascent to fullness through yoga,a perfect scientific system for unfolding the divine potentialities inherent in human life is the best gift that man can offer to himself. Activities include Regular yoga class for men and women Training yoga teachers Mass Surya Namaskar programmes for school children – Surya Kiran to create yoga awareness in the society


Family welfare is the foundation of individual and social well being through natural expansion of human mind and intellect which in turnhelps to conceive of the whole universe as one family – vasudhaiva kutumbakam – to bring harmony and peace in the society. Satsanghs, propagation of the ideals through talks and appropriate religious literature Sharing with the community the joy of festivals through distributing food and other necessary materials Providing educationalsupport for the poor and the needy. Free Ayurvedic consultation, counseling and treatment

Seminars and Retreats

Following programmes help to catch the imagination of individuals and groups and acquaint them with the supremely relevant spiritual heritage of our Motherland, to in still in them a sense of national pride, patriotism and spirit of enquiry and to inspire them to direct their efforts to remould this ancient nation into a vibrant mechanism to deliver the message of Sanatana Dharma. Seminars and Satsanghs, competitions Spiritual retreats & Workshops led by eminent teachers Traditional Cultural shows which glorify our ancient heritage such as kathakali, kudiyattam etc. These help to enhance harmony and understanding in the society.

Potential Divinity

To uphold the adwaitic ideal of Swami Vivekananda “Each soul is potentially divine. The goal in life is to manifest the divinity by controlling nature, internal and external” and make it practical and poetic in human life, following activities are formulated Study classes based on Swami Vivekananda’s literature, Celebrations to propagate Swami Vivekananda’s ideals Competitions for School children based on Swamiji’s life and message.

Nation Building and Man Making Make Up Vivekananda Kendra's Mission

Lavina Melwani, New York Out on a windswept rock in the Indian Ocean near Kanya Kumari at the tip of India stands the majestic memorial to Swami Vivekananda, the foremost guardian of Hindu culture. This massive marble monument was erected in 1970, not through a government decree or public funds, but by the heartfelt emotions of the common people who contributed the money, rupee by rupee. Eknath Ranade, who was the moving force behind this monument, at that time pondered on how fitting it would be to also create, besides the tribute of stone, a living memorial to Swami Vivekananda's ideals. Vivekananda Kendra, which started out as an idea 20 years ago, today has 100 branch centers throughout India. Serve Man, Serve God Says Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari, dynamic president of the organization: "Our main theme is 'Man making, nation building.' Let us build the character of the man and thus build up our nation. Not starting from the top to the bottom, but from the bottom to the

Swami Vivekananda and the Flavour of India

Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari, Chairperson, Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation. (Text of a talk delivered at IIT-Madras on the occasion of the inauguration of the activities of Vivekananda Study Circle for theacademic year 2000-2001 on 1st August 2000.) Introduction My dear youth, the Brain of India! It is a matter of great privilege and deep satisfaction for me to share the thoughts of my master with the youth of our country. I always tell that only on that day I live when I have an opportunity to share his thoughts with the people, especially the youth. So, today is a special day in my life, because I am addressing a special gathering. IIT students are supposed to be the cream of the Indian youth and I am really enchanted to know that there is a Vivekananda Study Circle here and so many of you are being guided by great scholars like Swami Brahmeshanandaji Maharaj. God bless you all. I don?t know where I should start. To condense Swami Vivekananda into an hour's lecture is a

Help Not Fights

“If the Parliament of religions has shown anything to the world it is this: It has proved to the world that holiness, purity and charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church in the world, and that every system has produced men and women of the most exalted character. In the face of this evidence, if anybody dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion and the destruction of the others, I pity him from the bottom of my heart, and point out to him that upon the banner of every religion will soon be written, in spite of resistance: “Help not Fight, “Assimilation and not Destruction”, “Harmony and Peace and not Dissension”. More than a century has passed since swami Vivekananda’s sonorous voice echoed these immortal words, resplendent with the never diminishing shine of eternal Truth. In fact, these words were a short commentary on the inexplicably sweet utterance he made at the opening of the Parliament of Religions: “Sisters ad Brothers of America”. These words fell

My Turn

Banking Spiritual Silence Dr. Lakshmi Kumari A wife, at least in the early days of her marriage, has her life centered in her husband and for her everything has an aura of her love. When she becomes a mother that love is made very pure as it is devoid of even traces of lust and jealousy. Her home has now as its center her love for her children. A very good starting point indeed. All that is needed is for that centering to be reinforced with a new faith, a new urge to reach out to the spiritual Truth within and superimpose it on the acts of love and service without. Many women have too little time to look after their children and their home. But they may be members of this society or that, engaged in children's programs, projects to help women, etc., etc. The work is good, no doubt, but it doesn't serve the real purpose of self-empowerment. At home you are a different person than what you are outside. There is a widening gap-the error or parallax goes on increasing. Simpl

Self-Improvement- :: Meaning and Purpose of Life

October 1, 2007 — Suriyodayam What could be, in a nutshell, the meaning and purpose of life? What could be tha t philosophy which when lived can take man from manhood to supermanhood and to Godhood? In simple terms, it may be said that by enhancing the ‘unifying’ and ‘universalising’ forces in his life, man can move from imperfection to perfection. The former is the ultimate goal of all disciplines, austerities, sadhanas or yoga, that is, centralizing and focusing the vital energies in us bringing them under control and thus strengthening and ennobling and integrating one’s personality. It is only then that the inner potentialities can be brought to manifest. The second is to channelise the energy thus accumulated for expansion, fulfillment and growth, directed towards serving everything in the universe. Swami Vivekananda puts it as “involution followed by evolution”. In his own inimitable way he related it to human life as “internal contemplation followed by external service

An Enchanting and Enriching Experience

Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari By the grace of Swamiji I was given a wonderful opportunity to study Swamijis works in detail, when the most famous publishers of Kerala D.C. Books requested me to compile Swamijis message for daily reading covering the whole year,essentially 366 pages of Swamijis inspiring thoughts, if necessary with a footnote or commentary. My first thought was, oh!! What is there? I can just pick up 366 quotations and present them. Then came the detailed letter that each message should be one full page, it must include special pages for important days, it should contain stories,letters etc. That brought the realization that it is not an easy joke. First effort was to find out someone to copy down from Malayalam complete works. Fortunately one of our well-wishers Smt Padma who is extremely fond of writing came forward, followed by another friend Sri. Sudhakar to check up with and compare with English. Step 2 was to bring some order into the arrangement of thoughts.

A Bridge between the Ancient and the Modern

Sri Sarada Devi (1853 - 1920) (Hinduism has a rich and sacred history dating back thousands of years. The values and teachings of our ancient scriptures are timeless and have a universal relevance. Dr M Lakshmi Kumari, former President of the Vivekananda Kendra, shows us how Sri Sarada Devi made these ancient precepts relevant for the modern man.)  All of us are in a way bridges. Every father and mother, every human being is a bridge that spans two generations. Each generation has to hand over the keys to the next generation by which they can unlock their inner potentialities and possibilities. But what sort of keys do we hand over to our children? These days we have only one key, by which our material possibilities can be unlocked, made more productive and pleasurable, though not satisfactory. Within a short time that key starts rusting. With it we cannot open our homes, least of all our hearts. We seem to have lost the key by which we can unlo


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The Elevating Spirit of Indian Music

By Dr. M. Lakshmikumari (Served as president of Vivekananda Kendra, India) From ‘Jyoti’ magazine Published by The Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa Like the unique Vedanta philosophy, the ancient yet vibrant Sanskrit language, the all-encompassing system of Yoga, Indian music is yet another exercise of the Indian mind in its path of exploration into the mysteries of Nature and of Ultimate Truth. The word Bharata (India) – which is condensed out of the musical expression Bhava, Raga and Tala, rightly emphasises the inalienable relationship between the thoughts, words and actions of human life, and music in India. On one side, it can be said that it is the music within, the Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Knowledge- Bliss Absolute) that finds manifold expressions outside in man’s life. Viewed from the other side, it is the sublimation of actions, words and thoughts that lead one to hear the same music within. Sound as the Source of Creation In India, music is considered as a subtle