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Sunday, March 8, 2020


The well-wishers of Vivekananda Kendra Kodungallur deemed it a great privilege and honour to celebrate the Shatabhishekam (84th Birthday) of Dr M.Lakshmi Kumari, Director of VK Vedic Vision Foundation. As is well known, she is a person who, sacrificing her career as a scientist in the prime Agricultural Institution of India, IARI, Delhi had dedicated her life for furthering the activities of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari and spreading the message of Swami Vivekananda for the spiritual upliftment of the society. For the last 22 years she had been heading the VKVVF here at Kodungallur at Anandadham and has rendered yeomen service to the society. Here is a brief report of the celebration that has left an indelible mark on our society. Many scholars, sanyasis and and leaders attended the Shatabhishekam and blessed Didi and Vivekanda Kendra on this auspicious occasion.
    The public celebrations were from 6th to 8th March 2020 which included:
1.     Vishnuprayaga: -
Acharya Sabha on 6th from 10 a.m. to 11.30. Sishuvihar children sang the prayer beautifully bringing the Vishnuprayaga to full form. All India Sanyasi Sabha Secretary Srimad Prabhakarananda Swami was the Chief Guest. He gave an overall view of Sanatana Dharma in general and Shatabhisheka in particular. Others who spoke were Sri P. Vishwaroopan (M.D. Janam TV), Dr M.S Muralidharan (Hindi Prachar Sabha) and Ka. Ba. Surendran (Bharatiya Vichar Kendra). Sri O.P. Suresh welcomed the gathering and Sri Shally gave vote of thanks
2.     Rudraprayaga: -
In the afternoon, there was a meeting of members from Dharmacharyas of Vaidika Tantrika Kshetras. Brahmasri Koru Asan Vaidika Kendra members offered prayers. Chief Guest was Dr Karumatra Vijayan, who gave a call to purify the temples and make them relevant by introducing Sanatana Dharma Coaching classes in every temple. Dr M.V. Natesan also emphasized this aspect in his talk. Kunnath Madam Parameswaran Unni Adigal and Brahmasri Bharatan Tantri were honoured. Sri Jayan welcomed the gathering and Sri Lalappan offered the vote of thanks. It was heartening to note that many temple authorities from different parts of the district added to the grace of the occasion by their active participation. Ladies group presented a Thiruvathira Kali as the finale of the programme.
3. Nandaprayaga: -
The programme on 7th bore the name Nandaprayaga. Brahmasri Narendra Adigal performed the Ganapati homa early in the morning followed by Narananeeya Parayana by Sri Durga Naraneeya Samithi, Pullut. Nandaprayaga was centered on an assembly of Acharyas which brought together some of the distinguished acharyas on the same stage. Students of Sri Sai Vidya Bhavan received Sampujya Chidananda Puri Swamiji of Kolathur Adwaita Ashram with Vedic chantings and Poorna Kumbha. The programme was then inaugurated by Sampujya Chidananda Puri Swamiji. Swami Purushothamanandaji of Vivekananda Ashram, Cherussery presided. Well-known Bhagavatacharya Srimad Swami Udith Chaitanya was the main speaker, who called upon the people to wake up to the call of Swami Vivekananda Uthisthata, Jagrata, Prapyavaran Nibodhata. Srimad Theja Swaroopanandaji of Kapilashram, Triprayar gave his benedictory address.
4. Karnaprayaga: -
The fourth congregation bore the name Karnaprayaga. Its main programme was Yoga Sanjeevani in which our YCC and YIC students presented yoga in attractive ways. Sri Premnathji, Saha Samparka Pramukh and yoga coordinator welcomed the gathering. Sri Sudhakarji gave the key note address. Yoga pyramid by the students of Sri Sai Vidya Bhavan, P Vemballur at the beginning was a noteworthy feature. Smt Jaya Sadanandan gave vote of thanks. 

5. Deva Prayaga:-  
March 8th being International Woman’s day, women dominated the session Deva Prayaga. Sri Nanda Kumar, Tantri from Ala, started the day with the usual Ganapati Homam. The programme was rightly a Matru Sangamam emphasising the role of women as wives and mothers, home makers in the society.
The Matru Sangamam was blessed by Sampoojya Avyaya Prana Mataji of Sri Sarada Math, Ernakulum by lighting the lamp and giving the benedictory address. Sri Jayalakshmi Sadanandan welcomed the gathering, predominantly women. Much to the delight of the audience five year old Kumari Aradhya of Sishuvihar introduced Ma. Didi without missing one word from her beautifully prepared speech. Smt. Usha Verma, Samyojika of Rashtriya Sevika Samithi presided and spoke about the problems present day women face in the society. Next came the key note address by Dr. Lakshmi Shankar, Head of Sanskrit Department, Sri Krishna College, Guruvayur, who is a very dear disciple of Mata Amrithanandamayi and also one very close to Lakshmi Didi. Women and family was the subject wonderfully dealt with by Dr. Lakshmi. The renowned artist Sri Davinchi Suresh offered felicitations. Kumari Bindu, longtime associate of Vivekananda Kendra Kodungallur, gave the vote of thanks.
Earlier in the morning there was Gopuja and chanting of Lalita Sahasranama etc. led by some fifty mothers.
6. Keshavaprayaga:- 
The sixth session was Keshavaprayaga.  Which was a  Kavya Sadas in which some of the well-known poets from Kodungallur were honoured. Sri Nandakumar welcomed the gathering. Mahakavi Sri Thayyapparambil Gopalan Kutty Menon, Sri P.S.S. Kaimal and Sri T.K Velu were honoured. Prof. Padma Devi, Sri Sopanam Unnikrishnan, Smt. Saji Madhu and Smt Anitha made the hall reverberate with their poetic presentations. Advocate Smt. Lisha Jayanarayan proposed the vote of thanks.
        The finale of the three days programme was indeed grand and soul filling. Ma. Didi was the central figure in the Nama Japa procession from Ananda Dham to Dr. Panicker’s hall. Panchavadyam and namajapa added to the dignity of the occasion. In the public meeting that followed Maj. Gen. Dr. Vivekanandan presided. Sri M. S. Muralidharan, the Chairman of the celebration committee welcomed the gathering. Srimad Swami Adyathmanandaji of Sambodh Foundation lighted the lamp and offered benediction. Sri P.E.B. Menon delivered the inaugural address. The Chief Guest was Sri J. Nandakumar (Prajna Pravaha of RSS) who spoke at length about the contribution of Didi as also about the great role that Vivekananda Kendra is playing since its inception 50 years ago. Felicitation was offered by Dr. Vasudevan Panicker.
In the reply Ma. Didi summarized the important landmarks in her long life, especially as a dedicated worker of Vivekananda Kendra. She thanked the organisers of the programme for the wonderful way they have honoured her. Last but not the least, she wounded up her speech by announcing two important  projects dear to her, namely installing a statue of Swami Vivekananda in Kodungallur and of building two houses for two poor sisters badly in need of shelter. This was much appreciated by the audience. With vote of thanks offered by Sri Pramod the three days programme came to a memorable conclusion.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Bhagavata Saptaha Satram

This year preparations for the Saptah started almost a year back with fixing the Acharya. This time Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman was chosen as the yagna Acharya.

Ramanacharanatirtha Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman is an Acharya of Vedanta sampradāya. At a very young age, this sagely teacher started expounding on the age-old Vedic wisdom of the Upanishads, Gita, Bhagavatam and other texts on Vedanta. His discourses and writings are aflame with the power of Atmajñāna and the fragrance of bhakti that one gets on intimation of one’s spiritual essence instantaneously. Coming in the lineage of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, Nochur Acharya’s talks and writings on Maharshi’s teachings are a great guiding force for Self-enquiry.
Hence it is was decided to contact him in person and invite him for the Satra. After hearing the significance of the event as Man. Lakshmi Didi would be completing 84 years he readily agreed to take part in the Sathabhishekam celebrations. She would have witnessed thousand full moons in her life time that is why this satra occupies a very important event in her life.
As the yagnacharya could not be present at all times st the yagna we changed the Saptah into a Saptah satra, giving an opportunity for several youngsters to participate and give discourses.
From December onwards the actual preparations started with notices and invitations and flex holdings etc. Cook and pandal and light and sound arrangements were all booked in advance. This being the first time the Acharya would be visiting Kodungallur we didn’t have any idea how many would be attending the satra and how many will be staying and what will be the requirement of water and other daily requirements. Things started becoming clear only by the end of January as Acharya clarified certain things like he would be taking the class only in the evening for couple of hours and he would be staying at Kochi etc.
With the help of two devotees Sri Biju and Sri Narayan who have offered their services totally free and could  arrange the other acharyas to speak during the Satram. Advocate.P. R. Ramanathanji a well-known Acharya of Bhagavatam was invited to inaugurate the Satram. Everything was in place by 25th February.
At 6pm. on 26th Sri Ramanathanji couldn’t come as he was held up elsewhere. Sri T. Gopalan Kutty Menon, well known poet and Prof. R.D. Iyer, Chairman of Navashakti Trust inaugurated the Satram. Man. Lakshmi Didi introduced the Acharyas to the audience. The atmosphere was charged with chantings. The Mahatmyam was chanted and the importance of Bhagavata Satram was narrated. Thus the first day of the Satram came to end with Shanti Mantra.
Daily programme was as follows
5 am. to 6am.                          Ganapathi Homam and Vishnu Sahasranama
6 am to 8.15 am                       Reading of Bhagavatam
9am. to 10.30 am                     Reading of Bhagavatam
10.30 am to 12.30 noon              Discourse
4.30 pm to 6 p.m                       Discourse

All who honoured us by their presence and discourses were
27th and 28th       Brahmasri Sreeraj Cheruvatta
29th                   Brahmasri Perattupuram Krishnan Namboodiri
1st March            Brahmasri Harigovind Malikappuram
2nd March           Brahmasri Ranjit Moleri


From 29th February to 3rd March every evening from 4 p.m. to 6.30p.m was the spiritual discourse by the renowned scholar Brahmasri Nochur Venkatraman.The topic chosen was chosen from the 11th Chapter of Srimad Bhagavatam  -the 24 gurus. 
He also spoke on the concluding day,4th March bringing to finale the grand-Saptaha- Satra.                                           
  Mananeeya Didi's 84th Birthday was on 3rd March. In addition to the Bhagavata Satra, in the morning hours, Ganapati Homa followed by Mrityunjaya Homa was performed by  Rev.Dr Karumatra Vijayanji and his  students.
Office bearers of many Hindu organisations came to wish Didi and take her blessings. Some of them performed dance and sang bhajans, recited poems, as tribute to Ma.Didi. Vivekananda Kendra's All India Adhikaries ,from our headquarters in Kanyakumari- Ma.Bhanudasji, Ma.Hanumanthaji, Ma.Krishnamurtiji, Sri Ayyappanji and Sushri Radha Didi too were present on the occasion and took the blessings of Ma.Didi. Nearly 700 people were present on that day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Vishwabhanu Dec '19 - Jan '20