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Yoga Satras by YCC students

Out of 10 YCC students who have completed the six months non-residential course under Vk Kodungallur and V.K.Kanyakumari, 5 of them -Smt Anitha, Smt shaila,Sri Vighnesh, Smt Silja and Smt Sheela have been able to conduct classes. Vignesh and Anitha have successfully completed. Sri Vighnesh, Sheela and Anitha are from Edavilangu village. Their long term goal is to transform the whole of Edavilangu into a Yoga Village.  A strong Sampark sthan we will be able to build up in this area. First batch YCC students Smt Jayalakshmi and Smt Suja (who is also the Saha Yoga Varga Pramukh) are also from the same area and are coordinating the yoga related activities. As for all round assistance and guidance our very close welwishers Smt Mridula Chechi and Sri Anilji and family who also stay near by. Smt Silja and Shaila are from Triprayar area. They both have successfully completed one satra each and have started the second satra. Sri Harish will be conducting the satras in Ettumanoor a

Samparka yagna Report for the month of January 2020

Samparka January 2020 by vedicvision99 on Scribd