Tuesday, July 4, 2017


                                                     YOGA SANGAMAM- 10TH JUNE 

At 10.30 a.m.Yoga Sangamam for ladies started. Sri Sudhakarji conducted.The topic was OM kar dhyana, its benefits, and method of practice.After a brief theory for a clear understanding of the word 'dhyana' or meditation which he termed as an unbroken flow of knowledge of the object on which one meditates and by constant practice leads to self-realization, the goal of every human being. The benefits of regular meditation like improved concentration, increased memory power, emotional equipoise, and higher creativity were also mentioned.Lastly, the method or steps of Omkar Dhyana was explained and demonstrated. After the theory, he conducted the dhyana class. 12 ladies from 2016-17 Yoga Varga batches were present for the Sangamam.
The class concluded at 12noon with Shanti mantra.

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