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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sri Krishna Jayanthi Celebration

Sri Krishna Jayanthi is the day when Anandadham turns into a Vrindavan. This time it fell on September 5th just after the great Kerala festival of Onam. Sri Krishna Jayanthi is the day when all our Sishuvihar mothers get transformed into Yashoda's. From morning they start dressing their children, as Sri Krishna or Radha, thereby raising themselves into Yashoda consciousness and come to enjoy a tiny drop of the true bliss of having Sri Krishna as their little child.
Forty children participated. Apart from Sandeepani Sishuvihar school children, there were an equal or more number of children from the neighbourhood. After the display on stage as the little Krishna’s, Gopikas and Radhas, there were solo bhajans on Sri Krishna by the children. All the mothers with their  children then went round the ‘Sri Krishna’s statue in our Vrindavan Park chanting ‘Hare Krishna. This was followed by ‘Uriyadi’ or ‘Breaking the Pot’, enjoyed by all participants. All the participating Krishnas, Radhas and the singers received their token gifts.

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