Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Vrindavanam in Ananda Dham

"The ideal of all education, all training, should be this man-making" and keeping in line with the words of Swami Vivekananda is Sandeepani Sisu Vihar, at Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation, Kodungallur.

Sandeepani Sisu Vihar is the courtyard of Happiness (Ananda) at Ananda Dham, in Kodungallur. Children from nearby homes are initiated into the rich and traditional culture and practices of our nation. Sisu Vihar's has the warmth and affection of a home, combined with the spiritual energy of an ashram, which ensures that the children put in to practice their day to day learnings both at school and home. Thus each child becomes a torch bearer to the eternal or absolute set of duties or dharma (Sanathana Dharma) bringing forth a new light in the day to day lives of their parents, family, and friends.

A children's park (playground) is vital for a child's cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. Keeping this in mind is the current initiative to build a children's park.

The building of the proposed park is by the Parents of Sisu Vihar children & Sisu Vihar Alumni, Yoga Varga Students and Well Wishers. The combined effort from these different groups should bring in considerable momentum for the successful completion of the Park. However, we require assistance by way of Funds

We need your SUPPORT! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation right now. Please send us your PAN details at post your online payment, bank and account details are given below.

IFSC Code : CNRB0000758
Account no: 0758101127166

Alternatively, you can also Sponsor an item in the Playground. All ` 25,000/- and above donations will have business/family name on permanent plaque displayed at the park

Please send your PAN No along with a letter mentioning the purpose of the same for the above project

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