Thursday, December 27, 2018


As a part of Samartha Bharat Parva, the YCC participants planned to conduct a number of Satras to prepare the students from December for Samuhika Surya Namaskar programme for the 12th of January. Sri Joshyji conducted 3 satras at Kara D.J.Hall, Kirtoli D.J.Hall and at Paramkulangara N.S.S.hall, totaling 30 members in all. Besides the 3 satras 25 ladies and 15 Sishuvihar parents were also trained by Joshiji.Smt Suja conducted 3 satras with 13 students at Valsalayam, 10 members at Edavilangu and 6 members at Thrissur. Smt Mani conducted a satra with 32 members at Elthuruthu. Sri Udayan conducted a satra at Vinayakapuram with 6 members.
Folk and patriotic group song competitions were held for the junior and senior students of various schools of Kodungallur, on 4th January 2019. 50 students from six schools participated.
As part of spreading the activities  of Kendra to Thrissur town this year. In collaboration with Sri Ramakrishna Math we organized the patriotic song and quiz competition on the eve of Swamiji Janma Thithi.
The Patriotic group song and quiz competitions were held on 25th January for schools at Thrissur. 12 schools took part. 150 students along with their escort teachers were present on that day. The competitions were held in Vivekananda Vijnana Bhavan, Punkunnam Thrissur.

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