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Monday, November 5, 2018


                       Sneha Milan

Yoga varga and yoga satra leaders of Sringapuram-Anandadham, Keraliswarapuram, Anjepalam and Moothakunnam decided that from 5th November onwards, every Monday they all would gather at Andadham campus for Samuhika Surya Namaskar.
On 5th morning (Monday) at 6.a.m. Sixty one  practitioners gathered  at Anandadham's Sishuvihar Vrindavanam for Samuhik Surya Namaskar. After this Ma.Didi spoke to the practitioners. She told them that each of to    them should become the messengers of positive thoughts,by regular practising of this discipline called Yoga. Their lives could be examples to attract more and more seekers of this path of peace and wellbeing. One's health is always in one's hand  and Yoga is like a 'Kamadhenu' which provides whatever one asks for  -she said.
 It was a good start and need to be continued, all felt so.

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