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Manorama Thampuratti was an 18th century Sanskrit Scholar. She belonged to Kizhakke Kovilakam of Kottakkal, a branch of the Zamorin dynasty of Kozhikode. Being a member of the royal family, she was fortunate to get a traditional Sanskrit education, which was not common for women at that time. She mastered the language and so got access to the treasure of knowledge on various shastras at a young age. She composed several verses in Sanskrit and was known all over Kerala as a gifted poet. However, except for few shlokas, not much is available of her work.
She was also the contemporary of (Dharma Raja) Sree Karthika Thirunal Balarama Varma Maharaja of Travancore (1724–98), who had the title 'Dharma Raja', meaning 'the king of righteousness'. During the time when Malabar was invaded by Tipu Sultan of Mysore, she stayed in exile at Travancore. It was during her exile at Travancore that the king completed the treatise on dramaturgy viz. Balarama Bharatham and Manorama Thampuratti offered her comments and suggestions, leading to its fruitful completion. Her correspondence with king Karthika Thirunal is of historic importance.
Commemorating the unique contributions of scholarly Princess of Samoodri clan ,in Manorama thampuratti name an award was instituted by the Zamorin of Kozhikode way back early fifties. This year the award was given to Dr M Lakshmi Kumari, Director, Vivekananda. Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation, Kodungallur.

Revathi Pattathanam is an annual scholars meet, organised by Revathi Pattahthanam Samitiunder Tali Mahadeva Temple.

On Sunday, 10th November , the meet was organised at the Zamorin HSSchool. The programme began with a special pooja at Tali MAhadeva Temple , followed by a procession of Thalappoli, panchavadyam and kalaripayattu beginning from the temple premises to the Pattathanam  Sala arranged at the Zamorin’s School.Zamorin KC Unni Anujan Rajais the Chief patron of Revathi PAttathanam. The Manorama Thampuratti Award was handed over to Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi by ZamorinKCUnni Anujan Raja. The inaugural session was followed by Rigveda Samhita presented by KMKM Jathavedan Namboodiri and Kothamangalam Vasudevan Namboothiri.M.P.MK Raghavan was the Chief Guest.MLA KNA Khader also presided.

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