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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


On this auspicious day, the morning's programme started with a short prayer. Ma.Lakshmi Didi addressed the group of 20   participants.While narrating the story of the Rock Memorial, Ma.Didi stressed on how one  can do wonders if one has intense faith in oneself, determination and the love and regards for the purpose or mission of one's life.Ma.Ekanathji's mission of life was Man Making and Nation Building through the path shown by  Swami Vivekananda. Thus the construction of His Memorial was just the first phase and  an  organisation bearing      Swamiji's name, became the second phase. His intense love for Swamiji and his faith in himself lead him to succeed in his Mission in spite of innumerable hurdles that came on the way.
All of those present paid their homage to Ma.Eknathji by offering of flowers before the portrait.The programme ended with Shanti Mantra.

In the forenoon the Nivedita Swasraya Tailoring unit group of 15 ladies including the 2 teachers gathered in the Dakshina Hall. 19th November  proved to be a special occasion for VKVVF as this day was chosen to expand our self help venture for women into a self help Commercial Activity.With 10 sewing machines ad more than 30 trained ladies we thought that we should expand their self help idea into a more tangible income earning project.
Each of the 15 ladies who were present including the teachers contributed  whatever they could from Rs 1000/- to Rs 5000/- and embarked  on a project of stitching bags , skirts , nighties, churidars etc, and selling them at reasonable rates . This is sure to bring them decent monthly income in addition to utilizing their time profitably and fruitfully,which otherwise would be washed on TV serial shows or gossiping . Coming to Kendra also indicates in them an attitude of surrender, power behind 'nishkama karma' and much needed spiritual awareness. With this hidden agenda we have offered our new venture of Nivedita Swasraya Tailoring Unit  as our Smarananjali to Ma.Eknathji on his 105th birthday.
Ma. Didi and Sri Sudhakarji spoke to them. All the participants offered flowers before the portrait of Ma.Eknathji. The meeting ended with Shanti Mantra.

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