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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Ganapathi Homam and Bhajan Sandhya

  31st October:Every Purnima day, there is                     special Ganapathi Homam and Sree                             Chakra  Pooja as is performed regularly on every
                                                                                Purnima day..In the evening an online bhajan Sandhya was conducted by 
Vivekanananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation (Vibhag: Kerala; Project : Kodangullur )  As part of the regular Bhajan Sandhya on all Purnima Days by Vivekananda Kendra- Kerala Vibhag, this time the lead was taken up by Kodangullur on Oct 31st, Saturday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 
The occasion was also used to celebrate Valmiki Jayanti with almost 31 participants.                                 Bhajan Sandhya was charged with extremely soothing and calming devotional songs and popular songs.The details as follows:
Anchoring: Kum.Drishya.
Talk on Valmiki Jayanti by Ma.Dr.Lakshmi Kumari Didi
Guru Sthothram - Kalyani Didi 
Guru Bhajan: Kum. Kokilla 
Ganesha Bhajan: Kum.Malavika
Shiva Bhajan: Kum. Gopika
Devi Bhajan: Kum. Sreelakshmi 
Ram Bhajan  : Kum. Sreelakshmi 
Krishna Bhajan : Kum.Malavika
Mishra Bhajan: Kum. Gayathri                                                                                                                  Nirvanashatakam: Priya Didi
Meditation with Shaanti Mantra  : Ma.Radha Didi
Kendra Prayer : Sutapa Didi.                              

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