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Saturday, November 7, 2020

7th November Weeklly Swadhyaya

       On November 7th Saturday, in the online    swadhyaya class titled 'Meditation on  Swamiji,'                         Srimad Swami Veerabhadranandaji, in charge of Ramakrishna Math Haripad was the speaker. Quoting from the reactions of some of the famous personalities, on Swami Vivekananda's life's events and his message  who hold swamiji as a life guiding star eg  Mr Shukorno -the President of  Indonesia who doesnot complete his day without reading Swamiji.Dr Manmohan Singh -ex-Prime Minister of India referred to Swami Vivekananda as 'the tallest man  of the miienium'.
Swamiji commanded reverance wherever he went. Mary luis Burke wrote in her book 'New Discoveries' said that whenever he walked in the  streets of America , there was not a person who stopped and looked at the majestic figure of Swamiji. The reason for this reverance is because Swamiji's talking and walking mingled beautifully. His life's events are like motivating capsules for all types of people. 
Hence this study session would   deal with events of Swamiji's life under the title 'Swami Vivekananda glows in human relationship'
The multidimensional personality of Swami Vivekananda would be studied. Relationship is a mirror reflecting ones beauty and one can correct and improve oneself looking at the mirror. Inter personal relationship becomes smooth and harmonious. Hence in the study session we shall see how multi Swamiji got related to all - with  nature, with Guru, with our country, with the world countries. 
Rev.Veerabhadranandaji narrated three incidents.
 First one was   how young Vivekananda known as Narendranath saves a poor classmate of his from loosing his future career.The feeling for other people was what Swamji had right from his childhood.That was what Swamiji mentions 'feeling from the heart', finding solution and then executing the solution makes one a real patriot.                                               
Second incident of Swamji's relation with humans was when after becoming famous in USA, a negro man came to shake hands with the Swami, he readily did it. When asked for the reason Swamiji replied that the Nigger was also his brother. 
The third incident was of the incident of the man who ran to Swamiji asking for  forgiveness since  he had been forced to poison the drink which was meant for Swamiji  when Swamiji visited the Church on invitation. Though Swamiji had not could not touch that drink since he felt that his Guru didn't want him to. The answer given to the man by Swamiji proved the magnanimity of Swamiji when he advised the man to promise  never to indulge in such acts again, saying this Swamiji just turned and left.              


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