Sunday, May 1, 2016


     'Be and Make', is one of the well-known sutras of Swami Vivekananda. What can be a more relevant message for the budding Samskarvarg teachers who are given training or prashikshan to train the kids in and around their locality, in  inculcating good samskaras,  which would help to build up their all round personalities.

     A three day nonresidential Samskaravarg Shibir was conducted from 28th April to 30th April,by Vivekananda Vedic Vision Foundation at Anandadham, under the able guidance of our resource persons and also jeevanvrati karyakartas,- Sushree Lalita Didi, Sushree Sumitra, Sri Raghuji and under the overall support and guidance of Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi. 17 children from the age group of 11years  to 18 years and 3 mothers from 8 localities in and around Kodungallur, were trained. From 9 a.m. to  3.30 p.m everyday, they were trained in different skills like  art of story telling, based on Indian Cultural values like Satya, Tyaga,Seva etc, Slogans or ghosas, Agnyas or commands for disciplining the Varga,and many games through which they could develop their life skills both physically and mentally. 
      Dr Ashalatha BJP Counsellor of the 41st ward of Kodungallur town was the Chief Guest for the concluding session. She spoke to the children and their parents as to the importance of good samskaras . 'Though it was the concluding of the camp,yet  it was just the beginning because this handful of children could make a mark in the society by spreading Swamiji's message to the nook and corners of Kodungallur' said Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi in her ashirvachanam.
Mananeeya LakshmiDidi lighting the lamp  -28th April

Story telling session- children enacting the story told by Didi

Su. Lalita Didi training children in Surya Namaskar
Sri Raghuji's class on patriots of India and Kerala

Su.Sumtra Didi's session -Agnya, Ghosh, Geet  and instruction for Khel

Dr Ashalatha addressing the children on the concluding session

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It was a good fortune to start our Vimarsha series with Acharya A.K.B Nair. Sri A.K.B Nair is a renowned exponent of spiritual literature in Kerala. After a long and spotless career in the Indian Revenue Service, he took up studies  in Sanskrit and Spiritual literature and emerged as an extremely well-versed speaker on Bhagavata,Devi Bhagavatam, Ramayana and so on.Of special interest to him is Ezhuthacchan's Adhyatma Ramayana in Malayalam.He has produced a well-studied commentary on this Malayalam Ramayana, which he says,the Holy Book of Keralites. The talk on 18th April, 4pm to 6.30p.m.was based on the innumerable anecdotes which make it a manual for self-unfoldment and societal well-being, in essence, it was an enlightening exploration into the Dharma as depicted in the life of  Maryadapurushottam Sri Ramachandra. One could easily understand why Sri Rama was called 'Vigrahavan Dharma'. How Rama behaved  as an  elder brother, as a husband, as a son, as a friend and as a King, became the dharma of a brother, a husband, a son, a friend and the rastra dharma of a King. Hence he assured that if the reading  and understanding the meaning of Ramayana becomes the part of the life of each family, life will be smooth and without failures.