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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reinforcement Of The Awareness Of Truth In Human Life

Thousands of years ago, the super scientists of India, the Rishis, were engaged in the difficult task of uncovering the Ultimate Reality, Satya, beyond the ever changing phenomena experienced through our senses. Negating the world of impermanent plurality they delved into the core of their inner being and realised the Ultimate Truth as the Self within. There also dawned the realisation that Truth is One, in which everything in the universe remains interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. This is the greatest discovery ever made by man. This Truth of Self-realisation and its Oneness is the best of blessings that the rishis have bestowed on humanity. For us in India, this discovery ushered in the dawn of enlightenment and introduced us to the immaculate concept of Life Eternal. Since then this Ganga of adwaitic vision has been cascading over our country without a break enriching every field of human activity creating a rich, multifaceted, unique and spiritually oriented civilization and culture.

Actualization of Truth as concrete practical life sustaining ideas and ideals enlightening humans and goading them on the path of evolution forms the crux of Vedic Vision. Transformation of a unifying principle into the multitude of thoughts, words and actions, to make each and every one of them shine with the lustre of Truth of Oneness is indeed a most difficult task. Achieving this awareness of Oneness through self effort is the challenge and goal before every human being. Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, life experiments of great seers and avatars are all illustrations of their great efforts and their attainment. Among these Swami Vivekananda towers high as the link between the old and the new. To preserve this great immaculate heritage and transmit this knowledge and awareness to as many humans as possible form the most important aim and activity of the Foundation. Without comprehending the significance of Truth, no vision or study or work can stand the test of time.

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