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Saturday, March 22, 2014

To Uphold The Value of Yajna – Sacrifice

The cosmic implications of yajna in real life are totally lost among people and there is great need to restore it for glorifying our lives.. Satya and dharma get integrated into karma or action through Yajna so that all karma’s bondages are removed. This elevates karma to the level of knowledge and Self realisation. Yajna opens up human minds to the immense blessings inherent in the simple acts of renunciation and service.

Yajna has three windows through which humans can tune up to Truth in daily life.

Deva Puja : Regular observance of Panchmaha yajnas, temple worship, variety of other individual and community rituals like homas, pujas, matrupooja etc when carried out with the awareness of the Truth both within and without.

Sangateekarana : The unity and integrity of an organization or home can be maintained by cultivating uniform ideals and thoughts through harmonious words and deeds as emphasized by the vedic injunctions (sangachadwam, samvadadwam, etc). For this daily chantings of Vedic mantras, Sahasranamas, sandhya pujas, reading of Puranas etc., for individual and group enlightenment are carried out.

Children’s camps for various age groups leading to personality development of children through a variety of programs

The multitude of celebrations like Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Guru Poornima, Ramayana Day, National festivals, Universal Brotherhood day Navaratri Festival, Children’s day, Vivekananda Jayanthi, Sadhana Divas, Annual day of Sandeepani Sishuvihar are all occasions for enrichment of values in the minds of participants creating all round understanding of Oneness and create all round benefits.

Dana is a magnificent all comprehensive Vedic vision in which every individual learns to look at his or her life as an act of oblation to the Almighty. This is in tune with the vedic injunctions Idam Na mama. Swami Vivekananda’s two great ideals Serve man serve God and atmano mokshartham jagadhitaya ca provide wonderful guidelines to actualize this great vision where individual development and social upliftment go hand in hand. Dana is encouraged in the form of money, respect, knowledge, service, etc with emphasis on nishkama karma bhava. People are encouraged to donate for specific causes like education, medical care, distribution of food, and through in many other big and small sponsorships.

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