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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Research & Publications:

The Foundation would institute facilities for research and dissemination of Vedic knowledge, so that the essence of Vedanta could be studied in depth, debated upon and worked out as practical principles in day to day life.The one and only enquiry which can benefit the whole of humanity has already been carried out by our super scientists, the rishis, and the result is the evolution of a super fine technology capable of transferring the awareness of Oneness of Eternal Truth into life principles, that can take man onward on the path of evolution. Swamiji says “all science is a search for oneness of Truth” and India had been a pioneer invalidating this truth.The Foundation’s major area of research is therefore centred on fine tuning the efforts as to how fractured and embittered human minds can be made Whole by generating in them right thoughts, words, and actions including faith in the Cosmic Almighty. Presently the emphasis is therefore more on creating life models which would help man manifest the divinity within him


  1. Message of Vedas (English) Sri K. N. Krishnan Namboodiri
  2. “Those who go through this book would get a simple answer to the question what is the contribution of Vedas to the world” - Sri SukumarAzikode, (one of the foremost authors of Kerala)
  3. AgnimelePurohitam (Malayalam) Sri K. N. Krishnan Namboodiri
  4. Commentary on first nine riks of Rigveda
  5. AnushtanaPrakashika (Malayalam) DR. K. Vijayan, Gurupadam. A simple instructions for daily practice
  6. Surya Namaskar (Malayalam)instruction booklet of Suryanamaskar
  7. Sadhana Panchamritam (Malayalam) – spiritual diary for daily reading containing messages from Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother and Swami Vivekananda
  8. Jnanadayini Sarada Devi ( Malayalam) Dr. V.S. Sharma
  9. Way to attain bliss in old age ( Malayalam translation) Swami Ranganathananda by Anandeswar.

Besides a number of small booklets containing specific messages for improving family relationships, Matru Chetana, Pancamahayajnas and so on are also being published from time to time.

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