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Thursday, June 6, 2019


This time Sandeepani Sishuvihar has 12 newcomers for the LKG section.
On 3rd June ( Monday) parents of the new comers and also the 14 UKG tiny tots, were on time for the meeting prior to the reopening of the school.
After registration, there was a small meeting where Sushree Bindu. in charge of the school, introduced the members of the Kendra family.Mananeeya Didi spoke about the uniqueness of Sishuvihar, where the tots get a homely atmosphere for their physical and mental growth. 
The rules and norms of day to day routine were read out to the parents.Once a month on every second Saturday, a parents meet was also the part of routine. 
 After the meeting the newcomers were invited to their class room by their seniors(UKGs)and each of them were welcomed with a vase with a beautiful rose flower.Each child lighted a lamp in front of the idol of Sri Krishna which they worship everyday, before their morning prayers.
The children and teachers got the opportunity to be a part of the birthday celebration of Kum.Dakshina who though, has completed UKG ,                                                                   wanted to celebrate her birthday in her school.

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