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Saturday, December 26, 2020



Dr Priya Vaidyan , a professor in Philosophy in Mumbai University and dedicated to Swami Vivekananda was the speaker for the weekly swadhyaya on meditation on Swamiji. She expressed that in her attempts to explore some dimensions of Swami Vivekananda's thoughts of Karma Yoga, she started  with 5 questions along with answers too -  new dimensions with special relevance to modern age. 
1.what does helping others imply? 
Swamiji has tried to analyse this by focusing on all aspects of helping other including spiritual.Physical help is good but doesnot give , most imp is spiritual help .empowering through spiritual focus is to elavate them..  what is it to be spiritual?
One has to be spiritually empowered to help others .For doing that one has to find time to travel within that is awareness.One has to keep a log book to keep track of what happens when one travels within.Then one can develop clarity and becomes conflictless. In this world of technology one has to empower oneself , evolve oneself to empower others.
2. How to work but not be attached to work?
The answer  to the quest was that one should keep working  and the reward will be enriching.To forget what or who we are for some moments would help us to be unattached to work.Whenever one does that it reaches one towards excellence.
3. How can we work like a master  and not as a slave.
The answer to she found was that we should work with lot of love without expectation for the given work, giving one's beat, like a master is to be a giver, sharing of good thoughts and developing gratitude for others who have contributed towards our elevation.This will make one happy and energetic without worry and anxiety.
If one is to be a master what one can give? It is giving some sharing good thoughts, giving some body hopes, a new perspective towards life. Many people have contributed for our growth hence if any body approached one , one should be grateful to God .
4.Can we help anyone without asking questions?
One has to prepare oneself for this fact. So one has to strive towards selflessness. One should not expect gratitude for helping others and be thankful to the people who have .The speaker also shared experiences from her life.
5.what is the requirement of spreading Swami Vivekananda's thoughts?
It is because Swamiji tried to give a direction to all of us for developing a prosperous India.The speaker has carried on many experiments in all places of life in taking Swamiji's thoughts everywhere

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